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Collecting Saliva Samples for your Research Study, then ask today for a free trial sample pack of the SalivaBio Passive Drool Saliva Collection Device or any of our collection methods

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Methods for saliva collection have significantly advanced over the last decade, leading to standard and reliable methods, devices and techniques that produce consistent saliva samples allowing for the most accurate results. Salimetrics and SalivaBio work with researchers to design collection systems and devices that become these standard methods making it easier to collect from participants. 

SalivaBio’s Passive Drool Method

Passive drool is a saliva collection method for collecting whole saliva (also called “mixed” saliva). Passive drool is considered by many researchers to be the gold standard when collecting saliva samples for biological testing, because it provides the purest sample possible and allows researchers to “biobank” samples for future testing.  Although collecting whole saliva by spitting or drooling might seem to be easy, it actually can be a messy task that discourages some people from donating samples.The SalivaBio’s Passive Drool saliva collection method includes everything you need to reduce mess, increase compliance, accelerate your sample collection, and preserve your sample integrity. Complete with cryovial, saliva collection aid, and sample collection instructions, this saliva collection system is ready to use in the field or on-site.

SalivaBio Oral Swab (SOS) Method

Experience convenient collection from adults and children over 6 years of age with SalivaBio’s Oral Swab (SOS) Method. This easy to use and interference-free oral swab method has been meticulously designed to outperform any other saliva collection swab available, which is why it remains the industry standard for saliva collection by swab method. Each swab device comes individually wrapped to minimize the possibility of environmental contaminants, causes no change in sample pH, and has verified recoveries. Backed by a Salimetrics QC report, which verifies consistent lot-to-lot performance, you will not find a higher-quality swab method for your study. Complete with SalivaBio oral swab, swab storage tube, and sample collection instructions, this saliva collection system is ready to use in the field or on-site. The volume of sample recovered is typically in the range of 200-1000 µL.View the chart below for a list of analytes approved to be collected with the SOS. If your analyte is not listed, we recommend collecting with the passive drool method  However, a pilot study may reveal a high correlation in your subject group, which will enable you to utilize this method effectively.

Advice: Never Use Cotton Swabs or stimulate Saliva, It will effect your results!

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SalivaBio 2 Premium Cryostorage Box

Building on its mission to provide innovative tools for better saliva collection, Salimetrics now offers the new SalivaBio LLC cryostorage box designed to promote better sample organization and storage. The new SalivaBio box features key advantages over a traditional 2" cryostorage box: a water-resistant laminated cover extends the lifetime of the box by reducing wear that can occur over several freeze-thaw cycles; a rigid 81-cell plastic grid will not bend or crush easing sample placement and removal; and integrated grid-lines simplify sample identification on the box that makes it easy to find and replace samples. The new box also features an attached, hinged lid, to minimize bench-space and keep samples organized

Not sure which method you need to use, HERE we publish the Approved Collection Methods for each Analyte we provide

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Salimetrics launches an updated version of their Website

Salimetrics launches a new, easy-to-use website with streamlined navigation and enhanced educational resources  as part of Salimetrics focus of helping researchers incorporate saliva into interdisciplinary sciences. 

The new website release is part of Salimetrics’ initiative to expand ease of access to information related to the growing interest in salivary research.

Click HERE to view the new website

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